You’ve changed our lives forever...

Dear Friends,

Last week, we announced to the world that we were leaving Big Machine Label Group and going independent again.

When we launched this Kickstarter we faced two possible futures:

If we raised the money it would be amazing because we could create what we envisioned and own it outright. If we didn’t raise the money, we could be at peace because we’d had the best ten years of our lives, we did our best, and we just weren't meant to keep going. And we were trying our best to accept that.

We were nervous. We didn’t know what to expect. Then you all blew our minds. 

As soon as we went live, the dam burst. You rushed to our support, and for the first time in a long time, we could let ourselves feel how deeply Delta Rae is simply the dream of our hearts. It’s what we believe in with our whole souls, we’ve given our entire adult lives to it, and now you, our incredible fans, are giving us permission to keep following the dream and even to let it grow. Still. A decade in.

Surreal. Overwhelming. Generous beyond belief.

You all met our goal of $30,000 in 30 minutes, and if that sounds crazy, it’s because it is. You then got us to $60,000 in the first hour! Now, a week into this two-month-long campaign, we are nearly 800% funded at $230,000. DID I MENTION OUR MINDS ARE BLOWN?! 

With this money we can make much more than The Light and The Dark. We are having our biggest dreams ever now thanks to you, and will begin sharing them in the coming days. What’s more, whatever we do create we will own, which is the greatest gift of all.

Below is a video that gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of the incredible and life-changing week you just gave us. We could not be more grateful and excited to start this next chapter with you. We are beside ourselves with the outpouring of support and love you've shown us.

If you're just now hearing about this, and you would like to be a part of this moment, we would be so incredibly proud and grateful to have you. There are still 52 days left in the campaign and we have a new goal with this remaining time: reach as many people as possible and get them as excited as we are about these sister albums: The Light and The Dark. The dollar amount we’ve raised at this point is staggering and will of course make a significant difference in what we’re able to create, but what will always be the most meaningful number long-term is the number of believers who help us blaze this new trail. We’ve added a $1 tier (The Spark - one song from The Light) and a $2 tier (The Shadow - one song from The Light and The Dark) in hopes these pledge amounts will make it easier for everyone to jump in and join us! Sharing this story and inviting more people into the journey is the biggest help of all!

Please follow us on socials for moment by moment updates and to help spread the word. So much more to come! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love you all so much.

Brittany and Delta Rae