You can't have the light without the dark...

Dear Friends,

We have always tried to be deeply honest and heartfelt in our music. Now we’d like to take a moment to be honest with you about the past seven years for Delta Rae. When we started the band in 2009 in a house just inside the county lines of Durham, NC, we were six best friends trying to learn about ourselves and the industry we were attempting to break into.

In those early days, making music together almost felt like we were kids playing in the backyard. Building an imaginary world through storytelling, where music was about magic and feeling, and there were no rules but the ones we made up ourselves. But to become like the bands that were heroes to us, we had to share the world we were building, to help it grow and bring in other believers. In our case, we were lucky enough to sign to two powerful labels, where we met some incredible teammates. But somehow, it also felt a bit like the adults had come to look in on our game. The wonder of every possibility is quickly brought down by the need to fit in: fit into a genre, a brand, a format.

In 2012, we signed with Warner Brothers and worked with some wonderful people to help bring our independently produced, kickstarter-funded album, Carry The Fire, to VH1, NPR, Rolling Stone, and late-night TV. So many moments of that year felt like a dream and we met so many of you through those efforts.

When our team at Warner left the company, so did we. We landed at Big Machine with some of those teammates and felt excited about bringing a progressive southern sound to country radio alongside artists like Maren Morris, The Brothers Osborne, and Chris Stapleton. We thought we could offer a fresh voice with feminist anthems, real storytelling, and DR’s four-part harmony. But once again, fitting Delta Rae into a box, a genre, a format didn’t work.

So what if we don’t try to do that anymore? What if we trust ourselves and our fans? What if we go back to building the world that inspires us?

That’s what we want to do. So we are.

We are going independent.

This means, for the first time in our career, we will fully control and own the music and videos we release. This means we can finally make and share live albums, holiday albums, protest songs and more. This means more mystical music videos and wildly ambitious creative projects. This means we can be the band we were born to be.

Whether you have been with us from the beginning, or are only recently joining us on this journey, you are the real reason we have made it to 10 years as a band. As you may know, it has been over four years since we’ve released an album. That’s about to change.

Here is the plan: We are going back into the studio with the producer of Carry The Fire, Alex Wong, to record two sister albums that will reflect the dual sides of Delta Rae: The Light and The Dark. The Light will be hopeful, soulful, sun-kissed and southern and released in Spring 2020. The Dark will be mysterious, magical, witchy and raw and released soon after. We will go on an expansive U.S., and hopefully international, tour with each record, crafting live experiences beyond just music, to bring these worlds to life for our fans.

We are so excited about the prospect of releasing this music in this way, but as always, we cannot do it alone. We need you — our most passionate Delta Rae diehards and dreamers who have kept us going from day one. We’re humbly asking for your help, to partner with us in this transition to being an independent band once again. We're launching THIS KICKSTARTER to raise $30k to cover the cost of production, mixing and mastering of The Light. If we raise $60k we will also be able to record The Dark. The first week is always the most important for any fundraising launch — please help support us in whatever way you can: preorder the albums, invest as executive producers, or spread the word to get new fans on board.

We already owe you all so much — truly. Your support and loyalty has given us a reason to keep going when we might’ve given up. We think and talk about y'all as we write, record, and tour. You are the ones that have always understood, who believe. These albums are for you as much as they are for our own souls. Thank you for helping us make this next chapter real. We promise to work harder than ever to build a world of goodness, magic, and feeling through our music. Because you can’t have the light without the dark. And we still carry the fire.

Delta Rae