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Carry The Fire

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Release date: 
Jun 8th


KeithMullins's picture

I just recently "found" you guys and the more I hear, the more I like.
Do you think you will ever make it up to Michigan?

MikeJordan's picture

Love you guys and really enjoyed meeting you when you were back in Durham. Very cool to see a local band have so much success. Looking forward to hearing what you do next!

WendyDayana's picture

AMAZING! From CT I went to your show in VA. It was so amazingly mind blowing that I followed you guys to the NC show the next day. The CD (or any recording) does no justice at all to how talented you guys are live.

JacciRuhe's picture

Cleveland ROCKED when you guys came to town! Got some great pix of all you guys with my 2 musically talented teen daughters who can't stop talking about you...and their signed phone cases!!! Thank you for being so genuine. Family values and great friends are your true virtue.

AndreaKlinker's picture

I just saw you guys last night in Columbus. I was just so in awe of the powerful sound you have. There was such an amazing energy that made it impossible not to fall in love with Delta Rae.

SteveMorgan's picture

Just saw you at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival, and you really stole the show. My wife and I ended up with T-Shirts, and three copies of your disc. Totally blown away by your tight harmonies, and your ability to write incredibly tight tuneful songs acoss genres! Keep it up, and I really hope you totally blow up on the music scene and start getting the recognition you have worked so hard to earn! As a side note, I was very happy to find that Pandora was able to put together a Delta Rae channel!!

TammyMcCarty's picture

OMG....fantastic music. My new favorite song is Dance in the Graveyards. Love your sound!!

CassandraLiu's picture

Amazing Voices~~~Oh I gonna promote to my Chinese Friend~~ Come to China someday~~ Can't wait if you guys have a concert❤

BransonHart's picture

I know a choreographer who has already called "Dibbs" on "Bottom of the River"

Katie-AshleyPtomey-Hoffman's picture

I love this music. You guys need to come to Missouri!!! jus sayin!!!

MichelleGonzalez's picture

Absolutely love your sound. You're perfect :)
P.S. You should totally come to Miami

ParkerDean's picture

I was just surfing YouTube, and I stumbled on your music. You all have SERIOUS talent. Love your music, and PLEASE come to Arizona!

ChrissyEpsha's picture

I love your music ..I got turned on to you guys by VH1 and have listened to everything on you love it. .. You all need to come to Michigan :)

WadeClyke's picture

Your musis is great . about time we heard a sound like yours.

EnnosPereira's picture

Too bad I found you so late. I would have def went to see you on the Chicago stop. Love your energy, especially Brittany!

GingerSimpson's picture

I am 60 years old and haven't been this excited about a band in a long long family thinks I'm crazy because every morning they wake up to Bottom of the River...... :)

RickAnthony's picture

Will def. go into my playlist. Just wish I would have found them in the begining of the summer. Will love riding to them next summer. Can just picture getting lost in the hills with this on the Ipod. Can't wait.

DonaldMoore's picture

Awesome individual vocals, great harmony, unique orchestrations, soulful sounds, thoughtful lyrics and more. This is music that I can put the headphones on and get lost in it.

StacyRutz's picture

"Bottom of the River" is my new favorite song! Do you guys have the sheet music available for purchase (e.g. on I'd love to learn it better and sing it with an a cappella group!

KatieAltman's picture

The signup for your mailing list isn't working, by the way

MarijnVanWingerden's picture

I keep on returning to this wonderful album - and it's amazing live recorded counterpart. I am very much looking forward to a studio version of Darlin' If. Oh, and please, come over to Europe if you can :)

TabithaMorrisPalmer's picture

I just came home from your concert in Richmond VA. I'm so excited. I can't wait for the next album. Your album is amazing but your live show was awesome.

MarcusLaVake's picture

I bought your album last week and have been sharing it amongst friends. We are all in agreement. This album is a work of art. From one musician to another, the emotion you convey is extraordinary. Thank you for the fresh surprise.

TomGreen's picture

Heard you last week on NPR and ordered the CD. Your music is elegant, rich, and appeals across generations beautifully. My youngest daughter (18) enjoyed it as much as I. Hope you will be appearing in southern California sometime in the near future.

DavidMendoza's picture

You blew my mind . I want to remix bottom of the river.

ShawanaSankey's picture

I first heard this group on Vh1 today and fell in Love with their music.

VeroniqueMescudi's picture

i love you guys so much, Its an addiction

JessicaGrace's picture

Oh boy, your music is my new obsession!! :-):-)

DanielGrolock's picture

I just saw you on Conan, the performance was just amazing.

LoriDeJohnChambers's picture

You collective power and emotion is mesmerizing. I am in love. Thank you for your inspiration and passion for your songs, it truly comes through and reaches something deep, down within me. I hope to have an opportunity to see a live performance. Keep working hard! :0)